Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Long Title

I'm taking a short vacation from Impowria (working title for my novel - I don't like the name, I need a new one). Not because I'm stuck - quite the opposite. It's rolling quite nicely. I'm switching gears becaaaause, the Writers of the Future short story contest ( starts July 1st.

In other words, I need to write a short story in nine days. I've never written a short story before, but I wrote a prologue for another novel (my first novel, actually - I only made it three chapters in) that I think works as a good premise. As of right now, I have no idea what the plot will be. That didn't stop me from writing the first 690 words. I figure I'll find the ending as I write. I've got a feeling I'll find a good one. So anyways, I'm going to post it here on this blog as I write it. It's raw and unedited, but it's here (link of the left-hand side).

I thought of the title today (this one I do like, quite a bit actually): James James James & the Ice-tree Charcoal. It's a little longish but I'm hoping the catchiness and what-the-heck-kind-of-title-is-that?!-ness make up for that. I like the contrast between 'ice' and 'charcoal' and I think it suggests it's a fantasy book without a boring, generic name like 'The Dragon Quest' or 'The Sword of Flames'. To explain, James James James is the protagonist. He comes from a long line of James James James's. Anyways, just read it and it will make more sense.

(I realized that I used a lot of ()'s in this post)
(another note: I bought Elements of Style today. I've never been excited to read a grammar book before. Weird feeling.)

Impowria 21,848 words (goal: 75k)
James James James and the Ice-tree Charcoal 690 words (goal: 7k)

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