(Synopsis) Impowria Novel



Our past defines our present, but to what extent does disease or physical disorder change who we become? To the hodgepodge of patients at the Flynn Research Hospital, it changes everything.
            DIRECTOR FLYNN, inspired by the loss of his vanished brother ALPHONSE, travels the world gathering those afflicted with any major ailment such as leprosy, cancer, or down-syndrome. On this trip he stumbles upon MAXWELL, a college student suffering from the same symptoms Alphonse had, including paralysis and hallucinations of another world.
            Evidence suggests that Maxwell’s body will disappear completely. In preparation for this event, The Director and Maxwell are surprised when instead, Alphonse appears, healed, and now an incredibly powerful King of the vision-previewed planet, Impowria. Alphonse invites his brother and a handful of patients to visit Impowria and be entirely healed.
            Nebula, a Celestial Dragon made of galaxy and stardust carries the group through space.
            When they arrive, diseases are not just removed, but replaced. ALICE, a bald and compassionate cancer-patient becomes the most beautiful being on the planet, able to radiate health, energy, and growth. OUCH, a Cambodian Leper can  now absorb sunlight into his skin and convert it to heat and light. Likewise, the other patients develop magical powers depending on their previous affliction. All, except Maxwell.
            All is not bliss on Impowria, however.
            Magic-siphoning creatures called Lurkers return to the capital. The Watchers, a faction of natives who see Earth in visions, want the travelers gone. And worse yet, a phantom who calls himself The Inflictor begins reinstating healed diseases. He also inflicts Nebula, their ride back to Earth.
            Many of the patients want to leave. Alphonse urges them to pay Impowria back by using their gifts to purge the world of evil. Maxwell develops leadership and confidence before his powers finally come. He leads the travelers across the Floating Fields and impossibly deep Underland to fulfill Alphonse’s wishes.
            The budding relationship between Maxwell and Alice is strained, as Alice decides the dangers to her friends are too great. She leads a quest for Nova, the other Celestial Dragon, and only hope of returning home.
            Meanwhile, the Flynn brothers hunt The Inflictor and source of Maxwell and Alphonse’s mysterious disease. When [character] himself is murdered, the stakes are high. Internal, not physical, changes are what make the difference now.
            [Final three paragraphs are available upon request - I didn't want too many spoilers here!]