Monday, September 6, 2010

Midpoint & Bookseller OCD's

I know I've been writing for too long today because I keep pressing ctrl+s as I type this blog entry to "save my work". I think I save my manuscript after every paragraph, lol. OCD comes with being a bookseller I guess, always straightening piles of books and whatnot. Actually I find myself constantly straightening things in my room, and even at other store ("how dare someone move this cereal box out of line with the rest!").

I hit 30k words in my novel, which according to my goal is the halfway point. I checked my outline and according to the plot I'm on track to finish at about 60,000. Yay. I can't wait to finish. When I do, then I can feel comfortable calling myself a writer. I know that if your hobby is writing, and you write, then you're a writer. But I feel like I need to finish a novel first. Then I'll be a level 2 writer.

Now with the boring stuff out of the way.. if anyone's curious, I'm currently reading Warbreaker. I like the sense of mystery Sanderson stirs up at the start. There are different ways to get people to turn pages and creating questions is one of the best methods IMO. At the start of my writing, rather than creating more intriguing, unanswered questions, I have a tendency to answer them instead. Something to work on.

As an example, where did the mustard get a gun, and what did the ketchup do to him?