Sunday, July 4, 2010

Online book covers! I fiddled in photoshop and made these. Hopefully they generate enough interest to tempt you to read. That's the point of book covers, right?

Interrupting Ideas

I finished my first short story and submitted it to LA. It’s a great feeling to hold a finished manuscript printed on 24 lb paper and seeing your name on the front. Knowing you made that.

Sometimes ideas knock on your door that you cannot ignore. If you don’t answer, they’ll shrug and move on, likely to never return. I had such an idea for short story. Unfortunately, one of the most dangerous causes of death for novels are such ideas. My new goal is to write 300 words a day on my novel (for its own personal health), and 700 words on my new short story. At that rate, it should only take a week and a half to finish anyways. Another reason I want to write this short story, is that I’m getting submission fever. Finishing James James James & the Ice-tree Charcoal got me excited to submit something to anyone, but its my contest submission for the Writers of the Future contest, and thus, is stuck in limbo until the results come. So, I need something finished to send out. A short story is obviously a lot easier to finish than a novel, so short story it is.

The working title is: “Magic Beyond the Micronation” (however I wince at the thought of using any of the following words in a fantasy fiction title: sword, dragon, quest, or magic.) The other possible title is: “The New French Republic-Kingdom of Dislandia”. I seem to favor longer titles for some reason.